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Pranayama for Deeper Meditation: "20 Guided Practices for a Quiet and Powerful Mind"


Yoga Techniques to Take Your Meditations to the Next Level

 More than 2 1/2 hours of instruction and guided practices.


Nayaswami Gyandev's beautiful new Yoga Techniques double CD set. Twenty guided practices for a quiet and powerful mind. Go deep in your practice of classical pranayamas—breathing techniques, bandhas, mudras, and more — specially tailored to enhance your meditation. In addition to guiding you through the basics, Gyandev shares subtle ways to add power to your practice. You’ll also learn a classical yoga meditation technique.

1) Gain a deeper awareness of your energy and the ways in which it interacts with your mind.

2 ) Remove physical blockage to your breath, and thereby free up your energy and mind as well.

3)  Use the breath to move toward perfect quiet of mind where true effectiveness thrives.


Pranayama for Deeper Meditation 2 -CD

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