Blessed Lanfranc: The Past Life of Swami Sri Yukteswar
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 Blessed Lanfranc: The Past Life of Swami Sri Yukteswar

by Richard Salva

A New View of Swami Sri Yukteswar

We know a lot from Autobiography of a Yogi about Sri Yukteswar's personality in his final incarnation on earth, but what was he like in past lives? Was he, perhaps, gentler and more approachable? And how might that knowledge affect how we attune with him today? 

Paramhansa Yogananda said that he had been William the Conqueror in a past life, and that his guru, Sri Yukteswar, had been William's great counselor and ally, Archbishop Lanfranc.

In Blessed Lanfranc: The Past Life of Swami Sri Yukteswar, Guru of Paramhansa Yogananda, Richard Salva highlights scores of fascinating similarities (and important differences) between these two famous incarnations of a great spiritual master.

Through historical evidence and personal experiences, this book resurrects Sri Yukteswar's image from one that can be daunting, to another much more kindly to every seeker.

From the Introduction:

In The New Path: My Life with Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda, Yogananda's direct disciple, published this revelation vouchsafed by his great guru: "He told us more than once that in a former life he had been William the Conqueror."


Later, in Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography, Swami Kriyananda recorded another past-life insight, also shared by Yogananda: "Sri Yukteswar in that life was Lanfranc, William's close friend, priest, and advisor."


This volume was written to explore the significance of this latter statement, and to search for connections between Archbishop Lanfranc and Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, as may be found in their histories. . . .



Richard Salva is a longtime follower of the path of Paramhansa Yogananda, and has spent the past thirty-eight years studying and practicing the deeper teachings of yoga. He is also the author of Walking with William of Normandy

and The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.


Blessed Lanfranc: The Past Life of Swami Sri Yukteswar

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