Live From Your Center Ananda Yoga Series
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Yoga Techniques to Develop Valuable Life Skills

Nayaswami Gyandev's beautiful new Spiritual Yoga double DVD set. Four Complete classes. Three hours and 20 minutes of instruction.


Volume 4- Double DVD


Four 45+-minute Ananda Yoga® classes

Harness the transformative power of classical meditation, the central technique of Yoga. Learn to use asana and pranayama techniques to enhance your meditation, creativity, intuition—and your joy level!

1. Sharpen Your Concentration—Discover ways to improve this essential skill for successful meditation and successful living.

2. Practice True Meditation—Experience a powerful, time-tested, meditation technique for raising consciousness.

3. Deepend Your Meditation—Enrich your practice as you explore the create, personalized aspects of meditation.

4. Receive Inner Guidance—Use meditation to develop your inner clarity and intuition: your soul’s ability to know truth.

Ananda Yoga "Enhance Your Meditation " DVD

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