Live From Your Center Ananda Yoga Series


Volume 6 – Double DVD
Four 45-minute Ananda Yoga® classes
with Nayaswami Gyandev


Discover the secrets of living in a dynamic state of joyful wellbeing, untouched by any outward circumstance. You can develop this vital life skill through the simple-yet-powerful practices in these classes.


1. Lift Your Consciousness — Learn effective ways to raise your level of consciousness, and your level of happiness, at will.


2. Cultivate Even-Mindedness — Gain valuable tools that will help you remain unfazed by life’s inevitable ups and downs.


3. A Method for Happiness — Yoga’s techniques for energy control will help you take charge of your state of mind.


4. Connect with Divine Joy — Supercharge your own efforts to attain happiness by partnering with the Source of all joy.

Ananda Yoga "Attain True Happiness" DVD

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